The Real Folk Blues


BIZARRE UPROAR : Live Helsinki 25.4 : Photos by Waltteri M.

"BIZARRE UPROAR was kind of quiet in terms of "in-your-face" brutality, and more focusing of brooding and menacing slow torment. Video fitted well on sound. Repeated loops of utter self humiliation. Not as much sound assaulting everybody, as it felt like being trapped in situation what goes on and on.. I liked that it wasn’t so loud and aggressive, more rumbling bass frequencies and clatter of junk on top."


magical animals


Best Buds

Edward Norton on the set of Fight Club, 1999. 

Edward Norton on the set of Fight Club, 1999. 


Photos from my shoot last weekend
Photographer: Cassandra Marino

The core of my body used to be so pure.


"Tetsuo: The Iron Man" by Shinya Tsukamoto (1989)

"The idyllic summer’s day that became a nightmare of fear and blood."


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Faces of Death (complete)